The launch of BungalowWeek!

The winter season can be a busy and expensive time to go on holiday. But we still want you to enjoy the crisp winter days with your family. For that reason, we proudly announce the launch of the very first BungalowWeek. During BungalowWeek, you'll have the chance to book comfortable and cozy holiday cottages during the low season at reasonable prices. Enjoy an affordable holiday with your loved ones in a warm, cozy and peaceful holiday cottage during the busiest time of the year.

Premium Winter Sales

The winter season isn't just a busy time of year; it's also the season of snuggling up. And what better way to snuggle with your loved ones than in a cosy cottage in the middle of nature? Once you arrive at your holiday house, the chaos of everyday life will seem far away, and you'll be able to kick back and relax with your favourite food, drinks and people. You even don’t have to take care of cleaning the house when you leave, because the prices we offer include the final cleaning. The only thing you'll have to think about is whether you should relax in your beautiful cottage, take a walk in the woods or visit some interesting destinations nearby. So book a cozy holiday and spend some quality time with your family in a warm and beautiful accommodation for an affordable price. Most of the holiday parks are perfectly suitable for families with children and will provide the little ones with some great facilities as well.