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Roompot Cape Helius Holiday park

Nieuwe Zeedijk 1, 3221 LZ, Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands

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Holiday park description

Roompot Cape Helius is a luxurious resort and adjacent to the small city of Hellevoetsluis. Take a stroll along the beach or enjoy a bike ride through the beautiful surroundings.


  • Luxury resort
  • Moor your boat at the marina
  • Visit the fortified Hellevoetsluis

This is the lowest price for the next 4 months for Roompot Cape Helius.

This price applies to 4-person apartment CPL4, with the first arrival possibility on 26 October 2018, 3 Nights.

Exclusive compulsory charges:
• Local taxes £1,34 per person per night
• Reservation costs £26,33 per booking
  £42,41 per booking
The total price including compulsory charges  £220,61  (£178,20 (Accommodation ) + £42,41 (Compulsory surcharges))

Based on 4 guests (adults, children and/or babies) and 1 accommodation(s).


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