Roompot Noordzee Residence Cadzand-Bad Holiday park

Cavelot 1, 4506 GD, Cadzand-bad, Netherlands

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Holiday park description

How about a week of pure enjoyment on the southwestern tip of the Netherlands? Roompot Noordzee Residence Cadzand-Bad is on the border of Belgium and offers fun for the whole family.


  • Beach 350 metres away
  • Close to Bruges and Knokke
  • Luxury villas


Photos of individual accommodation

Photos of 4-person cottage CA4G (6)

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Photos of 8-person cottage CAL8A (12)

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Photos of 4-person holiday house CAL4A (8)

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Photos of 6-person holiday house CA6A (5)

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Photos of 5-person holiday house CAL5A (9)

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Photos of 10-person group accommodation CAL10A (6)

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Photos of 13-person group accommodation GB13 (8)

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