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Privacy Statement

When you visit our website, we collect various pieces of data in order to improve usability. Here, we explain which data we collect and what we use this data for.

Which data is collected by

Primarily, we collect data that you yourself have entered when making a booking with us. With this data, we process your booking. We also record the surfing behaviour of our visitors and the IP addresses. We use this information to promote the usability of the website, and to provide tailored offers and promotions to guests. During the ordering process we use a secure SSL connections. Our users reserve the right to inspect and/or modify the specified data.

We ask you for:

  • Your first and last name: so that we can address you properly
  • Your address: so that, upon request, we can send the booking information by post. We will not bother you with junk mail and the like. In some cases, the park also sends you the invoice directly. 
  • Your phone number: so that we can quickly and easily contact you. We will only call with regard to your current booking and only when necessary. Telephone acquisitions, sales, and evaluation requests are absolutely out of the question.
  • Your e-mail address: so that we can send you the digital booking information. For example, the review that we ask you to complete after you've returned from your holiday. Not only can you share your holiday experience with other holiday-makers who read the reviews, you can also potentially win a free weekend away for max. 6 people! You can also subscribe to our newsletter. Here, you can read about inspiring destinations and competitive offers. This is, of course, optional and you can easily unsubscribe whenever you want. We also use your information for marketing purposes, as permitted by law, including 3rd party (marketing) purposes.

Call recording

As part of our quality control, it is possible that telephone conversations are recorded by our Service Desk. These calls are used solely for internal purposes.

More information

We reserve the right to adapt this privacy statement. Changes will be published on our website. If you have any questions or want more information about our privacy policy, please fill in our contact form

Read more about our privacy and security policy.