Holiday parks near Phantasialand

Phantasialand is one of the best theme parks in Europe, attracting almost 1.7 million visitors each year! Phantasialand is a real family-friendly theme park, offering spectacular live shows and exciting rides for the whole family. Have a look at our holiday parks near Phantasialand at HolidayParkSpecials.

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Holiday parks near Phantasialand

This theme park in Germany is really like no other. Many visitors have compared it to Disneyland, with it's exciting rides, live shows, and costumed characters. It is, however, smaller and more intimate than Disneyland, making it the perfect destination for families. The best thing about Phantasialand is the wide array of rides for all ages and all levels. 

Tips for holiday parks near Phantasialand

Choose a holiday park near Phantasialand, and enjoy fantastic days of family adventure in the theme park. When you don't want to spend at Phantasialand, you can enjoy the facilities of your holiday park and have a relaxing time by the pool or in the sauna.

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Have a look at our selection of holiday parks near Phantasialand in Germany, and enjoy a wonderful holiday with the whole family. You can choose to stay on a campsite, in holiday cottages or in caravans. Make the most of our special offers and book now at