10-person Holiday Cottages

Why not invite your friends and family on a big holiday this year? With HolidayparkSpecials, you can book a holiday cottage that sleeps 10 people for a highly discounted price. Here at HolidayparkSpecials, we have an extensive range of 10+ person holiday houses at a fraction of the original price. Search and book now!

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10-person Holiday Cottages

At HolidayparkSpecials, you and a whole group of friends can go on holiday together and stay in one of the fantastic 10-person holiday cottages we have on offer. It need not be for a special occasion, maybe the group of you just want to get together and have a bit of down time. If you have the urge to get out of the office and explore, choose one of our fantastic 10-person holiday cottages in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg or Germany, where you can spend the day on long walks or bike rides together, and then cook a big roast in the evening. All possible at one of our brilliant holiday parks! 

Tips for 10-person Holiday Cottages

Quickly discover which holiday parks have accommodation to sleep 10 people, and book the ideal group getaway for you and your friends! There's nothing quite like experiencing soemthing magical with your loved ones. Are the 10 of you going on a walking & cycling holiday? Then have a look at our parks in Holland or Belgium. What about a skiing trip? Try Germany or Austria. If you are looking for a holiday cottage for 10people on an amusement park, or at a park with a spa & relaxation centre, we have plenty of those available as well! We make it easy for the 10 of you to enjoy a perfect family experience in one of our holiday cottages with 10 bedrooms. 

Book a 10-person Holiday Cottage

View the wide range of 10-person bungalows and cottages in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, and select the destination that suits you. For example, go to a holiday in the Netherlands and enjoy the areas of outstanding natural beauty. Limburg is also perfect for a relaxing holiday with the beautiful hills and the Burgundy town of Maastricht. Whether you're looking for a coastal experience, a countryside or city trip, an amusement park or a watersports oriented holiday, we've got something to meet your needs. Book quickly and take advantage of the best deals for 10-person holiday cottages and holidays for 10 people! 

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