24-person Holiday Cottages

Do you have a large group of family or friends that you want to go on holiday with, and need to find a suitable holiday cottage? HolidayParkSpecials has several 24-person holiday cottages and villas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Venture out together and enjoy!

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24-person Holiday Cottages

What about a week, midweek or weekend away with a group of 24 people? We have an extensive list of holiday cottages, holiday houses and villas at HolidayparkSpecials, with holiday parks to suit the needs of every group. Book a holiday cottage for 24+ people with a kitchen big enough to book a huge roast dinner over the Easter holidays, or a big garden deck so that you can all enjoy the weather outside with a glass of wine. We look forward to receiving your booking!

Tips for a 24-person Holiday Cottage

Quickly discover which holiday parks have accommodation to sleep 24 people, and book the ideal group getaway for you and your friends! There's nothing quite like experiencing something magical with your loved ones. Why don't 24 of you go to one of our walking and cycling areas? You can get in some exercise and enjoy the breathtaking nature before returning to your holiday cottage which sleeps 24 people, and get a good night's sleep. You can find a 24-person holiday house in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and many more!

Book a 24-person Holiday Cottage

View the wide range of 24-person bungalows and cottages in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, and select a destination that suits you. For example, go to a holiday park in the Netherlands and enjoy the areas of outstanding natural beauty. Limburg is also perfect for a relaxing holiday with the beautiful hills and the Burgundy town of Maastricht. Whether you're looking for a coastal experience, a countryside or city trip, an amusement park or a watersports oriented holiday, we've got something to meet your needs. Book quickly and take advantage of the best deals for 24-person holiday cottages and holidays for 24 people! 

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