Want to stay near a city? Or in a forested area? Or on the coast? Everything is possible at HolidayparkSpecials. Have a look at our holiday parks according to region, and pick a stunning location!

Holiday parks at the coast

  • Watersports activities
  • Several European destinations
  • Enjoy a wonderful holiday
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Holiday Parks near Cities

  • Shopping trips
  • Most exciting cities in Europe
  • Visit museums and monuments
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Holiday parks near rivers and lakes

  • Sailing, fishing and sunbathing!
  • Water sports actitivites
  • Recreational lake or river
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Holiday parks in a hilly area

  • In the Ardennes
  • Enjoy the stunning landscape
  • Various facilities and activities
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Holiday parks in a forested area

  • Cycling and hiking in the woods
  • With family or friends
  • Enjoy nature and unwind
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