Sustainable travel: Eco-friendly holiday parks

Go Green this holiday and enjoy an eco-friendly escape to one of our sustainable holiday parks. These holiday parks are committed to green energy, climate protection and the preservation of nature. Explore the great outdoors in Germany, Belgium, Holland or Austria at one of our certified sustainable parks.

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Shown: 1-10 of 42 available holiday parks


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Sustainable travel: Eco-friendly holiday parks

Choose an eco-friendly holiday this year and enjoy the wonders of nature without leaving a footprint. Sustainable travel is becoming more and more important, and we always want to encourage guests to explore nature while caring for the environment. All of these parks have environmentally-friendly certifications and are dedicated to preserving their surroundings and using green energy wherever possible. These parks are often in nature's most wondrous places: from the national parks of the Netherlands to the lake district of Germany. Book a holiday in an ecovillage and get the most our of your surroundings without taking anything away!  

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is a growing trend in the travel market. Holiday makers like you want to enjoy a holiday in harmony with nature without leaving a harmful footprint. This means making travel decisions that benefit the planet and nature, as well as you and your family! Our environmentally friendly holiday parks, which are largely from the TopParken and Landal GreenParks park groups, are all internationally certified with the Green Key certificate. This allows guests to find a holiday cottage or caravan park which uses energy sustainably and strives to give back to the environment. 

Eco-friendly family holidays

An eco-friendly holiday can be a wonderful way of educating children on the importance of caring for our environment. Green living is something that needs to be learnt, and a holiday surrounded by nature and dedicated to preservation is a great place to start. These parks are often quieter and more secluded than many holiday resorts popular with families. If you want to avoid mass tourism and really escape back to nature, an environmentally friendly holiday village is a great option.