Cookie statement


 A cookie, which for many is a delicious chocolate chip filled treat, is in this case a small file that is saved if you are looking for a nice holiday park on our website. This small file is sent when you click through all the bungalow parks and this is saved on the hard drive on your computer. 

Because we place cookies, we want to prevent you from repeatedly receiving the same information or need to inform. We make surfing on our website easier for you and can use cookies to send you personalized offers. These cookies are not linked to a profile but to you; nice and easy for you. You are also free to disable these cookies. Below is an overview of all the cookies that we place.

Name Posted by Purpose Storage Period
AB-123 Visited website  Makes it possible to perform AB Tests 30 days
home_cookie Visited website    100 days 
hb_browserCode Visited website  Adjust website behaviour to the users specific
browser version
14 days 
hb_service data  Visited website  Adjust website behavior to the users specific
role (internal user)
Until the end of the session
hb_ci Visited website Client Identifier used to group page views from the same
365 days 
hb_history  Visited website  Remember the visited properties, so we can shoe the last 20  30 days 
hb_has_js Visited website  Adjust website behaviour to the users specific javascript status Until the end of the session
hb_cookie_policy Visited website Save if the cookie statement is accepted in order to prevent the message to prevent the message from appearing more than needed
1825 days 
m_trk Visited website but only when you click from the newsletter  Keep track of people that convert on the website from a newsletter  365 days